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The Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention is organized as an annual convention of youth leaders for the celebration of culture and heritage while discussing developmental issues.  It started as an intercultural convention for Mindanaoan Tribes in 2017 which became national in scope by 2018.  PIYC intends to showcase the Philippine culture in various perspectives annually, thus the theme and target audience shall adjust according to the feedbacks of partners and participating organizations.

In addressing the country’s most pressing issues – peace and conflict, indigenous rights, quality education, universal health care, among others – comes a crossroad for building the Philippines’ path towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Through the years, the lack of solidarity and understanding in this journey leads to discrimination, violence, and further marginalization of cultural minorities, ultimately creating larger cultural barriers among the people of the Philippines. 

Our strategy is to collaborate, and let the youth experience various cultural heritage for better understanding in this generation while promoting peace and developmental discussions. The Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention (PIYC) provides the opportunity for tribes and different ethnicities in the Philippines to exchange knowledge of their culture and heritage. The event also serves as a platform for young leaders to engage and have close encounters with government officials and experts in various relevant fields to define their contribution to the shaping the future of the Philippines.

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From the President
of the Republic of the Philippines

"Together with the Rotary Satellite Club of Fort BGC Titans and partners, I thank SKC for continuously making wider venues for the advancement of Filipino youth leaders. Your commitment to build and sustain a strong coalition of young individuals has not only amplified their voices, but has also strengthened their important role in society.

I trust that this occasion unites you further in realizing your goal of greater peace and progress within your respective communities. May you steadfastly inspire the youth to lead in honoring our rich heritage and colorful history as we work hand in hand in securing a brighter future for the Filipino people."

President, Republic of the Philippines

From the Vice President
of the Republic of the Philippines

"Our country's effort in empowering the youth has achieved notable progress, most especially in encouraging social involvement all in the shared vision of building a better, more inclusively growing Philippines. However, without the initiative of organizations that encourage nation-building, we lessen the chances for the younger generation to learn and embody nationalism, leadership, and public service. It is through hard work and commitment today, that we may be able to strengthen bonds, sustain peace and friendly relations among our country's ethnolinguistic groups and ensure our unity."

Vice President, Republic of the Philippines

From the PIYC 2019 Convenor


In behalf of the host organizations, SKC and the Rotary Satellite Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City TITANS, I welcome you all to the 2nd Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention!

We started our cultural and peace initiatives in 2017 with the Isang Lahi Intercultural Youth Convention which focused on Mindanaoan Tribes. After that convention, we realized the need for more youth leaders, tribes, and indigenous peoples groups to be involved in this undertaking to ensure its effectiveness and ensure that no one is left behind. Thus, the Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention is organized.

Peace is the core advocacy of all developmental organizations. As what our District Governor in Rotary always emphasizes, no matter what advocacy we have or Sustainable Development Goals were focused on, there will always be an underlying connection to peace.

With the theme "New Beginnings for Peace, New Challenges for Development,” this year’s convention will provide a platform for the exchange of Philippine cultures and discussions on national issues that highlight the role of the youth in peace and development. This is the right time for young people to take lead in contributing to and promoting sustainable development in the country through forging partnerships to collaborate for peace.

Let us achieve together in our sessions the challenge for our fellow youth: Makialam! Makiisa! Makibahagi! Sama-sama nating palakasin ang Sigaw ng Kabataan!

National President, Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition
Chairman, Rotary Satellite Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City TITANS

From the Rotary International President

"I am pleased to welcome you to the second Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention (PIYC) being held in Quezon City University, Metro Manila, Philippines.

My path to Rotary first began with the payment of “civic rent,” a concept I first learned from my father-in-law, Gilmer Blackburn. It was something he emphasized to Gay and me when we joined his law firm almost 40 years ago. It was something he never stopped teaching, by word and by example. He considered paying your civic rent an obligation similar to paying your taxes or contributing to your place of worship. You benefit from being here, and those benefits are not free. You need to give something back for the privilege of being part of your community.

I hope that during this event you will reflect on your own paths to Rotary and that you continue to serve the global and local communities as Rotary Connects the World."

President, Rotary International, 2019-20



Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition

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